About Us

Elevated Experiences with an Interior Design and Architecture Firm in Dubai, UAE

At Creative 180, we design multiple projects, whether commercial, hospitality or residential; no project is too small or too big!

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Architecture and interior design services company in Dubai, UAE

IDEATE - Strategy & Guides

Offering hands-on and interactive expertise to set our projects' foundation.

BRAINSTORM - Shortlisting & Framing

We summarize practical options for an active and engaging design.

SOURCE - Curating & Coordinating

Using our diverse contacts within the interior and architectural industry.

IMPLEMENT - Executing & Finalizing

Installing the concluding details for a go-ahead from the client.

Define. Design. Deliver

How do we help?


Effective Communication

Explaining every inch of the process.

Purposeful Design

Ensuring a functional space that corroborates with efficiency.



Expanding Analysis

Adopting constructive thinking to understand better.

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